Perry Technology

Machining Services

As one of North America's largest gear and spline manufacturers, Perry Technology has invested millions of dollars in advanced machinery and tooling for manufacturing any type of gear, spline or complex machined part.

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We can manufacture your parts from drawing to final inspection, or we can perform individual operations such as cutting or grinding just teeth.  Our wide variety of in-house capabilities, including an extensive tool making department and a variety of secondary operations, result in some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

In addition, our team of expert engineers and machinists have helped earn Perry Technology recognition throughout the industry for our ability to deliver precision and quality in all our complex machining, custom gear, and custom spline orders.

Whatever your requirements are, we have the equipment to fulfill them.

Our gear and spline experts have decades of experience with many types of broaching systems. That experience combined with the thousands of stock broach tools in our inventory means we can quickly and accurately meet your exacting broaching needs.

Perry Technology provides grinding services in both the end-to-end production of our customer’s part, or as a finishing operation to improve the precision of a gear or spline.  These services include ID/OD, gear or spline, thread, jig or surface grinding.

Maintaining stringent commercial and defense industry tolerances demands the best equipment operated by the most experienced people. Perry Technology has both, allowing us to mill and turn complex configurations with high accuracy.

For your highly specialized needs, Perry Technology offers wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) or nonconventional machining.  This gives us the flexibility to produce otherwise impossible forms in materials of all types.

Using a combination of Koepfer, Mikron, Barber Coleman, and Pfauter hobbing equipment, we have the ability to machine a wide range of gear and spline forms, including helical and spur gears and splines, worm gears, and Helicon gears.

We have over 50 Fellows gear shaper machines on our factory floor, many custom configured to machine high alloy and high nickel turbine shaft splines and ratchets.  We are sure to have one to fit your needs too.