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Aerospace Industry

Within the Aerospace industry, we are recognized for our unmatched quality, strict compliance to customer requirements, advanced testing, and integrated quality control processes.

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Many of our aerospace gear and spline orders for turbine engine and rotary components use high nickel or materials with very low-machinability-ratings. Our expert team can fixture, machine, and provide the inspection data required to validate conformity on these hard to machine materials.

We maintain registration to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D standards, provide First Article Inspection (FAI) reporting per AS9102B, and work on programs that require FAIs and delta FAIs through revisions.

In addition to these certifications, our quality engineers are committed to making sure your parts and all the associated paperwork fully comply with your needs.

Adhering to strict regulations is critical when manufacturing mission critical components used in our US military defense systems. This is why we have invested heavily in Quality and ITAR systems, talented staffing and precision equipment to maintain the certifications required to perform this work.

We've been producing parts for the commercial aviation industry since the early 1950's.  Our gears, splines and complex machined components are found in many flight critical aircraft systems such as; flap actuators, fuel controls, landing gear, pilot controls, air turbines and air turbine starters.