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Gears and Splines

Because Perry Technology services so many different industries, we understand the unique demands and requirements involved in meeting our customers expectations of quality.

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In addition to understanding industry specific requirements, we understand the unique requirements of every part we produce.

When you work with Perry Technology, you are not simply entering into another customer / vendor relationship, you are entering into a partnership. From the beginning, our engineering department works closely with you to thoroughly understand your needs. We'll review your design specifications and, where appropriate, advise you on matters such as material and performance considerations based on the part's application.

From helical gears used in flight critical helicopter and aircraft turbines, to corrosion resistant bevel gears used in military applications, to miniature rack gears used in precision medical equipment, Perry Technology has over 70 years of experience and expertise to successfully produce your gear or spline.

We manufacture parts complete, or we can perform just a single operation such as tooth cutting or grinding. For all of our subcontracted work, we offer fast turnaround times, so your projects stay on time and within budget.

Perry Technology is dedicated to meeting our customers stated requirements. Contact us today for all your gear and spline needs.

We specialize in fine pitch straight bevel gear sets used in flight critical applications, many of which we produce from high nickel alloys.  We use both Coniflex and straight Gleason bevel gear generating equipment, depending upon pitch or module.

With a broad range of manual and CNC gear and spline cutting equipment, we efficiently produce large runs, short runs, and prototypes of custom gears and splines with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Perry Technology's experienced staff produces thousands of high precision racks every year, in many alloys and for various industries, including commercial and military aerospace flight critical applications.

Perry Technology manufactures custom sector gears in a variety of configurations, including, helical, bevel, spur, worm, and custom shapes to meet your exacting requirements.

Perry Technology manufactures all types of splined components, including helical, involute, serration, tapered, crowned, and modified splines.

Perry Technology manufactures spur gears that are commonly used in mission-critical applications, and that must strictly comply to the requirements set forth by the engineer's design.

Perry Technology uses an extensive variety of advanced manufacturing equipment, including both manual and CNC hobbing and grinding machinery, to produce the highest quality worms and worm gears.